How your industrial/commercial space looks can influence people’s opinion of your brand. If your floors are outdated, dull and damaged, they can take away from the professionalism of your business. West Coast Concrete Resurfacing can provide commercial floor resurfacing at quick and very affordable options to transform your business’s indoor and outdoor flooring.

Our flooring options include spray on concrete, flake flooring and epoxy flooring, all of which come in a large range of colours and designs which are available on our website. Choose a style that perfectly suits you, and watch your commercial space come to life. For warehouse floor resurfacing, we recommend epoxy flooring , which is incredibly durable, stain resistant, non-slip and easy to clean.

Take your commercial area to the next level by resurfacing your floors with West Coast Concrete Resurfacing.

Below is a collection of various Industrial and Commercial projects that we have completed: